Antrobus & Grimm, Creating Leather Masks, Bodywear & Accessories


Antrobus and Grimm have many years experience in working in the theatre creating props and sets. We still take on commission work in these areas. Below is a small sample of the kind of 'things' we have made.

A Rather Large Dragon
A Rather Large Dragon
This is Trevor, he is an undead dragon made for 'Grand Designs' live roleplaying club. There were very specific requirements in the brief we were given for Trevor, safety and durability being two of the most important along with visual impact (ensuring that he looks wonderful... well as wonderful as an undead dragon can look.) Trevor now lives with another roleplaying club. He has a roughly five meter long wingspan, glowing LED eyes and is constructed mainly out of latex rubber.

A Hand of Glory
The hand of glory, a macabre stage prop based on the legend that the severed hand of a hanged man plus candle, will, when lit, cause the occupants of a house to remain sound asleep. The bearer of the hand of glory, normally a burglar, may then go about his or her nefarious work. It also makes a handy torch, but quite a poor backscratcher, it is made from latex rubber.

The Exploding Obelisk

"Make us an exploding Obelisk" they said and who are we to argue? This prop contained small explosive charges.

The Exploding Staff

Another exploding prop, this time a wizards staff. Wizard not included.

Magikal Tomes

These weighty tomes are latex covered live roleplaying or theatrical props, as well as notebooks.

Picture of Bubastis

We also produce the odd painting when the mood takes us and the organ pipes are in for repair. Prints of Bast are available, please E-mail with enquiries.

Latex Cat Claws

Latex LARP safe clawed hand prop. Made for a participant at NWO Games freeform event.

Picture of Bubastis
An unpainted latex realistic cat mask. Made to customer's specifications.