Antrobus & Grimm

About Antrobus and Grimm *

Adelaide Grimm and the mysterious Mr Antrobus have been business partners since 1885**. Very little is known about Mr Antrobus, Ms Grimm has of course been a prominent member in good standing of the Society for Mystical Research for many, many years. After meeting Mr Antrobus, the two entrepreneurs made a comfortable living dealing in arcane objet d’art, until the bottom fell out of the artefact market after the crash of ’03.
There are those who say that Antrobus and Grimm came across a colony of troll-like creatures from the under deeps of Chipping Norton who, once they had learnt that human flesh was... forbidden began carving animal hides into beautiful and elegant forms in exchange for beads and kittens. No-one is really sure, the truth is as shrouded as a newly interred corpse. What can be said with a fair amount of certainty is that the leatherwork brought to light by Antrobus and Grimm is elegant, unique and made with a great deal of attention, each piece due to the nature of the material is one of a kind and made to be treasured... or the trolls get upset.

* Some of this may not be totally true
**ever since she found that book one dark and (of course) stormy night.