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30th October 2009

Due to Antrobus and Grimm once again saving the world from ancient evil the catacombs will be locked for the next two weeks during which time no masks can be made to order.
Please feel free to enquire about masks in stock during this time.


14th August 2009

Alas it has happened again.

We try to keep them under control, really we do, but occasionally they escape.

I speak of course of the trolls. They have again snook out from under our very noses leaving naught but a note which read 'jollydays'.

We shall of course be searching for them high and low and will return them to work as soon as is possible; current estimates place their capture and return to work at around the 26th of August.

Until then all orders will have an additional 1 week added to the completion time. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


14th August 2009

My how time flies when you're saving the world from ancient and unspeakable eville. Mr Antrobus is now fully recovered and would like me to extend his thanks for the get well cards, the grapes and the holy water.

In other news

We had a lovely time at the Leather Museum in Walsall with our exhibition and workshop on mask making. Later in the year (date TBA) the inestimable Ms Grimm will be holding another workshop at the museum on how to make leather jewellery and accessories.

Also, there are some lovely new masks on the website and more to follow shortly.

Until then dear friends, adieu.