Antrobus & Grimm, Creating Leather Masks, Bodywear & Accessories


Here are pictures of some of our past designs and commissions.

Pink Leather Fairy Collection Pink Leather Fairy Wings Leather Flame Effect Bra Top
Assassin's Mask Flame Eyeless Mask Antique Eyeless Mask Armour Effect Mask
Thorn Lord Mask Leather Necklace Leather Choker The Dark Knight Mask
Nightwing Mask Snow Queen Crown Mask Maelstrom Eidolon Mask Eidolon Mask
Leather Belt and Armband Spiderweb Collar Silent Blindfold Mask
Green Leather Gauntlets Leather Bracers with Scale Pattern Brown Leather Gauntlets
Red Claws Black Claws Brown Claws
Leather Lace Bat Mask Carved Gauntlet Latex Cat Claws