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The reason we have called these our bodywear pages and not clothing is because like our masks and accessories the following items are formed and made of molded leather. Unusual and original, these items are a cross between armour, art and clothing. Most of the work we do in this area is commission based, all of the items below are one of a kind, if you are interested in commisioning a piece please contact us with your ideas and requirements.

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Black Molded Bodice

Black Molded Bodice
Waves and swirls of deepest black are highlighted with faceted beads in accents of magenta and emerald on this strapless bodice. The sides are fastened with ribbon and are adjustable, the back is buckle fastening. This item was recently sold.

Green Leather Bodice

This was a commission piece designed in close consultation with the client before arriving at the final design. The fitted bodice is evocative of a living organism, sheathing the body in silvery leaf like growth, a one of a kind creation.

Leather Armour

This piece was created for a liveroleplayer who wanted female armour that consisted of more than a bra and panty set, it was molded out of a single piece of leather and was designed specifically for the female form (hense the front bumps) and is both protective and elegant.

Black Leather Bodice

This bodice has a halter neck and a raised cross design, simple but striking, based on a drawing made by the client.

Stylised Dragon Helm
Every hero needs a dragon helm, just not everyone has a fellow quite this handsome sitting on their heads, it was apparently 'a b*gger to make' but well worth the effort we think you will agree.

Molded Leather Armour Front
Molded Leather Armour Side
Fantasy armour inspired by the roman muscle cuirass, as well as being molded this piece has tooled designs and chainmail elements (part of a full set including greaves and bracers)

Black Molded Chaos Armour
This armour was not created for a specific client but because this particular minion wanted to make some quote; 'chaos armour', (the mind boggles it truly does). It consists of three layers of stitched, glued and rivetted textured and tooled leather with buckle fastening pauldrons. It found a good home in the United States of America.